It's Monday!

New day, new week. I'm breathing. I'm healthy. I'm truly blessed.

I’m grateful for this new day and week. Thank You, God!

Kind of like the beginning of a new year, each new week can be looked at as the next chapter in our lives. It’s another new beginning, another date we can look at and determine we’re going to make a new start

 Most times it is for a new goal.

“I’m going to start my diet on Monday.” Sometimes it’s for responsibilities we need to address. “I’m going to put out my job applications at the beginning of the week.” Whatever the case, we look forward to it because we know we need to move beyond where we are currently. The place we’ve been residing (in our minds and life situations) needs a boost to get out of the complacency that holds us down.

And so, at the beginning of a new week, let’s take some time to thank God for the good. Let us, by faith, thank Him for the strength He is going to give us in order to move forward in our calling and purpose. And let us reflect on the past times of discouragement and darkness, taking a moment to recognize His presence in those times.

We might not always realize the times He was with us, other than knowing that He promised He would be. But, if we think a little harder, we’ll see many times.

We can think of times we’ve been at a low point when a friend dropped us a quick text to let us know we were on their mind.

How many times have we’ve gone to church, and the sermon said exactly what we needed to hear? Without the knowledge of our pastor knowing the current situation we were facing or the dark season we were in?

How many other situations and conversations produced the exact thing we needed to give us enough strength for the day? A quote with words of wisdom. A scripture from our daily devotional. A billboard we saw on our drive to work. It’s amazing to know this God who is limitless, every possibility being within His grasp!

Sometimes what seems so minor to others is actually huge to us! Those around us may not understand if we tried to tell them, but God knows! He knew what we needed! He heard our hearts’ cries!

Our Savior is faithful. He never leaves His children. Even when our days are dark, He is there. When we cry out to Him and open our hearts to Him, we feel that beautiful presence that comforts us and encourages us. We can share our deepest fears, pains, sorrows, hopes, dreams, and visions. He hears them all and He cares about them all!

He has been with His children all along, and He is going to be there in every future endeavor! We are blessed to wake another day in our right minds, with strength in our bodies and protection for our souls!

Today is a new day, the beginning of a new 
week. Let’s move forward in faith! In Jesus’ name!

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