I don't need Therapy...

 I don't need therapy, I just need to see my Grandkids.
If the grandmothers of the world could unite, they would share a common message: “We miss our grandbabies!!!”

Oh, that the coming months and year are much better than the previous ones! Being around our little darlings is equivalent to receiving a wonderful gift. And truly, that’s what our grandchildren are!

The days spent with them are special. We find ourselves needing them as much as they need us.

There is so much to learn when spending time with children.

So often when our own children are growing up, life is so busy, running to and fro. Jobs, different schedule, keeping a home and an endless chore chart for the family takes up a great portion of our time. And when we finally feel caught up, we’re tired. Thankfully we’ve enjoyed family vacations and special moments and game nights together over the years!

As our own children grow up and begin to become independent, our job gets a little easier. Following those years of semi-independence brings the time when they learn to spread their wings and fly. That’s what we’ve raised them to do, but sometimes a part of our hearts wants them to still need us because they are a big part of why we live!

God knew all of this before we did.

As our own schedules opened up, and our lives became less busy, the next order comes along spouses and then….


What a blessing it is to once again see the life of a child grow before our very eyes. The wonder of each new discovery, the innocence and trust in hearts so young. If we missed some of the details the first time around with our own children, this is the chance to see these things again! What a blessing to have the time to enjoy these precious little ones!

Being with our grandchildren brings opportunities to help instill the goodness of God in their tender hearts. We can be their storytellers, their prayer partners, their encouragers, and more!

Yes, the past year has not been ideal for family gatherings and regular visits with our children and grandchildren. Even so, they are still our world!

More than ever we can be thankful for video chat and messenger apps when our alternative is unavailable.

Whether we can be together in person, or through video chat, or sometimes not at all, all of us grandmothers can still do something. We can continually lift the lives of our grandchildren up to the Lord in prayer. He sees the heartache we feel because we miss them. He hears our prayers for their safety. He knows our desire to see them know Him.

During it all, let us take heart and look forward with hope for the day we can all be together again. In time, it’s going to be okay. Those little arms will wrap around us again before long. Those little voices will surround us with stories, joy, and laughter once again!

Bless our grandmothers, and bless the little ones we are so privileged to call grandchildren.

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