I know a man...

News says when you give blood, you save 3 lives. I know a man who gave His blood and it was powerful enough to save the world.

Do you know Him too?

Probably one of the hardest things that we need to learn and grow in is the little something we call "trust".

Actually, if we’ve been living for God for any amount of time, we know that trust is not a little thing at all.

Even the man who took his son to Jesus for healing and deliverance said,

“Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)

Friends, our Lord is still the miracle worker, and He continues to perform wonders beyond human abilities! Even if we don’t see noticeable changes immediately in the situations we are praying about, we need not doubt God.

We can think back to the story of Lazarus when he fell ill and died. (John 11) Mary and Martha were heartbroken. Not only did their brother die, but Jesus did not immediately respond when they sent for Him.

However, He knew everything was in control. This situation that seemed final was the atmosphere for a miracle.

Certainly, these two sisters lost sleep. Their hope was lingering in another city. Mary and Martha weren’t aware that death was only temporary for their brother at that time.

By the time Jesus arrived at Bethany, where Lazarus had died, his sisters had lost all hope. However, the death of their brother did not allow for naysayers to mistake a miracle for a coincidence. Lazarus was buried in the tomb, four days have passed. When Jesus called for him to come out of the tomb, a man wrapped in burial clothes leaped out to greet all of the bystanders.

A miracle had taken place, and the crowd in that place of death and mourning were witnesses of the glory of God.

David spoke of our God of miracles in Psalm 77:14: “You are the God who works wonders; you have made known your might among the peoples.” This verse from the Old Testament was still applicable during Jesus’ earthly ministry. And the greatest part about this verse is that it continues to apply today! For us!

Because life is made up of a variety of good times and bad, we are going to face challenges and in our lives. We may be in a season of rest and calm, but we are basically guaranteed another season of trials will appear someday.

We can take heart, friends. No situation is too hard for God, and with Him as our Comforter and guide, we will make it through.

When the next season of hardship comes our way, doubt will be there too. Even so, we need to remember Who has everything in control, even when we are weary and need rest. Before we give in to feeling like all is lost, let us remember that God isn’t done.

Our time of bleakness may be His time to be glorified. We can trust Him, friends. He is moving in ways we cannot see. He is able to resurrect a situation with no life, and if He chooses not to, He can resurrect strength and faith in us.

No matter the outcome, Jesus loves us and can be trusted at all times.

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