Who can actually say...

Who can actually say they love being a grandma...

So many of us have many fond memories of the ladies in our lives we call “Grandma”.

Some are known as Gaga, Mimi, Granny, and Memaw. Others have original names that no other grandmother carries. No matter what we call them, the grandmothers in our lives often have a great impact on us, and we love them immensely.

A note to those who have not had a loving relationship with their grandmothers:

Our hearts do feel for those who have not had experiences with their grandmothers that are full of love and happiness. Sometimes knowing where they came from in life helps us to understand a little better, and to not take their actions personally.

We need to remember that our grandmothers were young once themselves, and some came from abusive homes, families with addictions, harshness, and lack of outward affection. This often shapes them into who they are as the older women in our lives.

Some don’t completely heal from their past, and it shows in their actions and involvement with us. Those interactions with us are not a reflection of whether we are deserving of their love. They are reflections of wounded hearts that don’t know how to freely express love. Please love them and pray for them.

Acts of love for the hurting are never wasted, whether received or rejected.

We may be the only brave ones who reach past their hard outer shells, allowing them to experience how real love feels.

Grandmothers are a fun combination of patience, wisdom, and fun. With their own children raised and life no longer stuffed with busyness, these special ladies have time to sit and visit for a little while, play games and offer stories and wisdom from their own life experiences. The world has advanced so much in the past few decades that the world they experienced was completely different. Oh, the stories they can share!

Even though the world has advanced in many ways, our grandmothers’ earlier years can teach us some valuable things. Some of the principles and practices from their day have been forgotten or dismissed but can still enhance our lives today if we let them! Grandmothers have lived longer and certainly know a thing or two! Titus 2:3 talks a little about the older women:

“Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good,”

These ladies still have much to offer all of us!

While we don’t find the word “grandmother” in the Bible hardly at all, there is one verse that mentions this word.

2 Timothy 1:5
: “I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well.”

Paul was writing to Timothy and mentions his grandmother, Lois. He was remembering her Christian walk, and how she passed it down to her daughter, Eunice. And then, how Eunice shared it with Timothy.

Friends, grandmothers are wonderful in every loving family. Those of us who have had a grandmother that shared and passed on her love for Jesus to our parents, who then passed it on to us, should feel extra gratitude!

May love and blessings be with our grandmothers today! For those of us whose grandmothers are still with us, what a perfect day to pick up the phone! Let’s call these special ladies and remind them that we love and appreciate them!

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