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Just sending a Big HUG!
If you are reading this...
It's Tuesday!
Wake up today...
It's Wednesday!
Your whole House is about to be Blessed!
I had a vision last night...
I Believe in the Power of Prayer!
It's Monday!
If God has ever answered your prayers...
It's a new week!
Tonight while you sleep...
God will always be your umbrella!
Somewhere in Heaven
Mother’s Day HUGS
Wishing everyone on my Friends List!
In memory of all those Moms...
Mother’s Day Weekend HUGS!
Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!
It’s Saturday!
As we grow up...
To my Precious Grandchildren!
My Wish tonight!
Leave it to God and Rest!
God will send you a Miracle!
It’s Friday!
Give God an Amen!
Stop all that worrying!
A Best Friend!
It's Thursday!
A Rose for my Mother in Heaven!
Happy National Nurses Day! - May 6, 2020
God will Heal you!
God is about to answer your prayers.
A house is not a home without God in it.
Your cup will overflow with God's Blessings!
After this lockdown...
It's Wednesday!
Don’t skip the post without leaving a Heart.
My hope is in You all day and night long!
As the Mother's Day approaches...
A white light of protection around my family and friends...
Will you join me in starting our new week with a cup of coffee and a prayer?
Join me!
It's Monday!
As we prepare to rest tonight...
Because she's important!
It's Sunday!
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