What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You

There is such a diversity when it comes to nails and the shape of them tell a few things about the person who has them. It is the same as wearing certain clothes or keeping your head in a certain way, like how you keep your body posture or how you eat, all tell something about you. We have come across a chart of most common nail shapes and we want to show you what having each one means. You will find this interesting and let us know in the comments section below, if this fits you or someone you know! The explanations are based on a recent study made in Japan. What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You
Nail shapes:
1. Vertically Long – means you are a mild-tempered romanticist
You are the type of person that has a lot of creativity and ability to imagine things in a fantasy way. Because of this, when reality hits you, you might become easily deceived by it. You like fantasy and when you have to deal with more logical or earthy things you have a hard time in finding your balance!
2. Broad Sideways – means you are a short-tempered theorist
You are the type of person who is very eloquent and have the ability to communicate clearly. This might scare some people as you have the habit to say things as they are and people not very often like that. In the same time it seems that you have problems with patience and you are short tempered. You have a conflict between your mind and emotions!
3. Rounded or Egg-Shaped – means you are a laid-back pacifist
You are the type of person that loves peace and promotes it everywhere you go. When you smell a fight somewhere you take the role of the pacifist and the mediator who wants to calm everyone down. You get along with all the people around you and one thing about this is that you might have a hard time telling what you desire!

4. Squarish – means you are serious and hard-headed
You are the type of person who has the guts and the perseverance to do the right things. You have a serious attitude that is reflected in all areas of your life. Sometimes you might be inflexible and this can create problems in society when you have to please more people. You want things to be in your way!
5. Triangular or Inverted Triangle – means you are the sensitive genius
Sensitivity is the word that describes you very well, you are the type of person that always comes up with new ideas and love to see the details that other people miss. Be careful to not become overly sensitive and get affected by other peoples moods!
6. Almond-Shaped – means you are faithful and honest
Even if you have a vivid imagination that takes you to different lands, you are the type of person that is honest and faithful. Courteous and polite, you love to treat everyone with respect, but you get annoyed when things that you can not accept are happening. You have to stop taking life too seriously!
7. Sword-Shaped – means you are the ambitious idealist
You are the achiever, the type of person that works hard no matter what until they achieve their goals. Anything that helps you get closer to your dreams, you will do it. This is an awesome thing, but you will have to be careful, the price you pay in order to achieve your goals and the people you step on might be too high!
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